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10 to 1 Webinar: Becoming a New Perioperative Leader

August 9, 2022


10 to 1 Webinar: Becoming a New Perioperative Leader

Cindy Noonan has over 35 years of experience working in or having responsibility for Perioperative Services. She started her nursing career as a private scrub for a group of 5 Orthopedic surgeons on the East coast and there began her love of Orthopedics. She has worked on the East and West coasts in hospital settings as staff, Manager, Director, and Administrative Director of Periop and then on to Chief Nursing Officer and Chief Operating Officer. In all leadership positions, Cindy maintained responsibility for the OR since it is rare for an executive to have lengthy experience in the OR.

Objectives of this Webinar

  • The participant will verbalize how to improve upon the most difficult job functions for a new leader.
  • The participant will verbalize the behaviors/attributes of a successful leader.
  • The participant will articulate simple tips to embrace to boost success.
  • This is a FREE webinar. Please share with colleagues who are in need of CE credit.