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10 to 1 Webinar: What to Know and Do about Nurse Burnout

April 14, 2022


10 to 1 Webinar: What to Know and Do about Nurse Burnout

Kathy W. Beydler, Principal Consultant at Whitman Partners interviews Dr. Margaret Below. Dr. Below is a Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner and Healthcare Consultant specializing in transitional leadership support.

Dr. Margaret Below
Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner & Healthcare Consultant

Nurse Burnout

People are having a harder time creating boundaries for themselves, what used to work doesn’t anymore, and resilience is down. So, the first step is  awareness and understanding of where we are. If you want to see any kind of shift, we must understand what is happening, what factors are at play, and have resources available for employees that support a variety of cross-cultural needs.

Objectives of this Webinar

  • Understand how the slow erosion of resilience shows up as burnout.
  • Discover how moral injury is different from burnout and describe at least one antidote for moral injury.
  • Describe and apply approaches that elicit the Relaxation Response.
  • Apply positive psychology activities for emotional

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A new “10 to 1” webinar will be released monthly throughout the year. Kathy will discuss 10 expert tips on matters relevant to surgical care with a perioperative leader in each interview. They include nurse burnout, KPI metrics, and the value of a business director of surgical services. Even better? Whitman Partners is a continuing education provider (CEP), and these webinars will count for CE credits.