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40 Fast and Future Leaders of Surgical Services – Vicky Tilton

January 30, 2020


40 Fast and Future Leaders of Surgical Services – Vicky Tilton

I know its time to go home when my top 3-5 priorities for the course of the day are accomplished.

Sometimes it’s not what you know, its Being humble enough to accept what you do not know, acknowledge that and surround yourself with a wonderful, strong, and knowledgeable team who all support each other.

One little thing I pay attention to is Acknowledging others always and all they contribute and being grateful.

Best advice I ever received No one will want to be you or take on a leadership role if you live at the hospital! Set up a work-life balance for yourself and lead your team bu example.

My mentors are Beverly Hayden-Pugh, Kathie Hayes, Kahne Springborn, Janet Winebar, Pat Furlong, and Christy Unger to name just a few! Many friends, peers, colleagues throughout the years.

I am here for The patients we serve and the teams that do the work.

The future of surgical services is To continue to accomplish the unknown, create improved care delivery, achieve better patient outcomes, become safe and high functioning teams, and continue to impact healthcare.

The dumbest thing I ever did Wait so long to continue furthering my education and obtain certification.

The smartest thing I ever did Leave the comfort of a role/organization/team to take on a challenging new role and start fresh with new team members.

If I hadn’t been a Director of Surgical Services, I would have become a Remained a Perioperative Coordinator in the OR. I always wanted to be a nurse and work in the OR. Leadership was never something I thought I would try.

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