Heather Gilligan

Human Resources Manager

Meet Heather Gilligan

Heather joined Whitman Partners in 2020 as the Onboarding Specialist in the Interim Department. In 2022 Heather took on the role of Human Resources Manager.

Heather grew up in Bossier City, Louisiana. When in high school, she moved to Henderson, Nevada. Heather attended Western Governors University and earned her degree in Business with an emphasis on HR Management. Upon graduation, Heather held various leadership and HR roles. She worked for Target for eleven and half years where she became the Human Resources Team Leader.

In her free time, Heather enjoys traveling with her family. One of the best places Heather has ever been to is Fiji. She hopes to do more international travel in the future. When Heather and her husband travel to a new place they enjoy trying out local restaurants, breweries, and cideries. She is obsessed with pizza so they will always be on the hunt to find a delicious local pizza place to try.

Fun Facts

  • I once had a pet alligator
  • His name was Steve after the Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin
  • I can’t swim! I still went snorkeling in Fiji with the help of a trusty life jacket
  • It was an amazing experience
  • I became a crazy plant lady during the pandemic
  • My dog has an Instagram @lunathelooneypug and is way cooler than I ever will be!