Melissa Lee

Head of Social Media & Communications

Meet Melissa Lee

Melissa’s journey with Whitman Partners commenced in 2022 as an Associate Client Partner. However, by October of that year, she strategically transitioned to our Marketing team, embracing the title of Marketing Associate. Building on her trajectory, September 2023 saw Melissa taking charge as the Social Media & Communications Manager. Fast forward to March 2024, and Melissa has climbed the ranks to become the Head of Social Media & Communications.

Born in Washington DC and raised in Northern VA, Melissa currently resides just outside Fredericksburg, VA. Her educational journey led her through West Virginia University and George Mason University, where she pursued majors in Communications, Marketing, and Debate Theory. With a robust career spanning over 26 years, Melissa has excelled as an executive assistant to C-Level executives, specializing in office management, corporate events, networking, and customer service. Her diverse industry experience encompasses small businesses, start-ups, tech companies, government contracting, law firms, and healthcare.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Melissa finds joy in spending quality time with her family and friends. She and her husband enjoy country road rides on their motorcycle during their leisure moments. An animal enthusiast through and through, she’s got a soft spot and extends her care to their rescue dogs, a kitty, a chinchilla, and a few other special wildlife fur-friends.

During her downtime, Melissa switches gears to enjoy nature photography, boating, fishing, hiking, and live concerts. Her playlist is all about the laid-back tunes of island reggae, with a special shoutout to Stick Figure, and the soothing melodies of acoustic folk.

Fun Facts

  • I have traveled and spent time in Kenya (Nairobi), Liberia (Monrovia), and Europe. While in Nairobi, I fed giraffes at a sanctuary, pet orphaned baby African elephants, baby rhinos, a lioness, cheetah cubs, AND got to experience going on a real Safari!
  • I learned how to ride a motorcycle during the pandemic.
  • I am a certified Barista & Mixologist. I have crafted over 15 unique, specialty featured recipe concoctions that have been showcased online. I love coffee and creating unique and tasty beverages!