Steve Severance

IT Manager

Meet Steve Severance

Steve joined Whitman Partners in 2021 as the Information Technology Manager for the IT Department.

He grew up in Montana, where many days of camping and fishing nurtured a love of the outdoors. He became interested in computers at an early age; he had access to the IMSAI 8080, an early microcomputer, at his high school. He spent hours transcribing game programs (no graphics, text-only) from the backs of computer magazines so he could play them.

He worked as a software developer for a handful of small Portland-area businesses, mainly in the manufacturing and travel industries, in the early days of his career. Transitioning to consulting work allowed him to experience IT in a wider variety of industries, including insurance, medical, warehousing, and government. This helped him realize his true love was working for a small company with a great culture (like Whitman Partners!).

During his free time, Steve enjoys mountain biking with his dog running alongside him and traveling. He wants to up his travel game!

Fun Facts

  • I’ll often discard a half-empty glass/chalice/goblet of beer. My so-called friends ridicule me for doing this. The first half of a beer is better than the second half, indisputably!
  • Once, on a fishing trip, I caught more fish than my dad. This happened just one time, though.
  • I have pushed and carried my mountain bike over many more miles of questionable terrain than I think most bikers do. That doesn’t make it any less fun; it’s still an adventure for me!