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10 to 1 Webinar: Ten Steps to Survey Survival

February 16, 2022


10 to 1 Webinar: Ten Steps to Survey Survival

CEO Josiah Whitman interviews Kathy W. Beydler, Principal Consultant at Whitman Partners. Beydler has been a staff nurse, educator, manager, director (permanent and interim), and administrator of large and small surgery centers and hospitals.

Kathy W. Beydler

Survey Preparedness has two prongs:
Celebrate and Educate.

Celebrate the things you and your team are doing well and educate on those things that need to be done differently. Healthcare leaders have expectations for perfection. Few surveys are perfect, but they can be managed and processes improved. Getting lost in what needs to be improved and not celebrating what is currently being done well can lead to survey anxiety and unrealistic expectations. Come learn from an actual surveyor how to make your next survey a cause for celebration instead of a cause for anxiety.

Objectives of this Webinar

1. Verbalize and celebrate the excellent care you are currently providing to patients.

2. Verbalize the top requirements for survey preparedness.

3. Acknowledge the change in practice that may need to be established to meet the requirements.

This is a FREE webinar. Please share with colleagues who are in need of CE credit.

A new “10 to 1” webinar will be released monthly throughout the year. Kathy will discuss 10 expert tips on matters relevant to surgical care with a perioperative leader in each interview. They include nurse burnout, KPI metrics, and the value of a business director of surgical services. Even better? Whitman Partners is a continuing education provider (CEP), and these webinars will count for CE credits.