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40 Fast and Future Leaders of Surgical Services: Lynn Wyllie

December 17, 2019


40 Fast and Future Leaders of Surgical Services: Lynn Wyllie

I know its time to go home when… the surgeon asks me for a bandaid to put on the patient at the end of a long craniotomy, and he wants to put it over where the LP was done and I have no idea where to get one. (this one was early on in my career as a circulating RN and my very first night of call).

Sometimes it’s not what you know, its…WHO you know!

One little thing I pay attention to is… the surgeon’s needs.

Best advice I ever received… we don’t have problems; we are problem solvers.

My mentors are… my first surgical services director, Suzanne Johnsrud who always encouraged me to strive for excellence, continue my education, and get a daytimer to be organized!

I am here for… the patients, staff, surgeons, and my passion for perioperative nursing! I truly love my job!

The future of surgical services is… promising. Surgery is more minimally invasive as most surgeries can now be done robotically. I think surgery will continue to grow technologically.

The dumbest thing I ever did… poured the whole bottle of Colloiden on to the field. I was a brand new OR nurse and did not know they only need a very small amount. The whole room was very pungent!

The smartest thing I ever did… was getting my Master’s degree.

If I hadn’t been a Director of Surgical Services, I would have become a… an attorney. I am very intrigued by Health Care Law.

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