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DoveLewis received donation from Whitman Partners

November 13, 2018


DoveLewis received donation from Whitman Partners

It’s no secret that Whitman Partners really loves dogs. We have a dog-friendly office environment and have even named our candidate and client portal, Franz, after one of our office pooches. Truly, Whitman Partners is a puppy lovers paradise.

As a part of our ongoing philanthropic mission, Whitman Partners recently held an employee-managed garage sale and donated the proceeds to DoveLewis, a non-profit organization that helps animals. Josiah Whitman, owner and managing partner at Whitman Partners, came up with the original idea. However, it was Jordan Winczewski, Associate Portfolio Manager, that gave it her all to ensure a successful sale!

Whitman Partners sold furniture and other unused office items at the sale. Ultimately, we raised a grand total of $539 to help sick and injured animals!


Jordan Winczewski presenting DoveLewis with the donation

Jordan presenting DoveLewis with the donation

About DoveLewis

DoveLewis is a 24/7 emergency animal hospital. They are accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association. Furthermore, they are the only Level 1 emergency and critical care facility for animals in the state of Oregon. In addition to their emergency services, they also help the community with these programs:

  • Found pets – they keep a database of found pets to help reunite humans and animal companions
  • Animal assisted therapy – volunteers bring animals for support and therapy to school, libraries, assisted living facilities and more
  • Animal blood bank – used in crisis situations where an animal needs blood
  • Financial and medical aid – DoveLewis offers financial support for families, care for abused animals, and provide care for injured stray and wild animals