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July 2019 Director of Surgical Services News Roundup

July 24, 2019


July 2019 Director of Surgical Services News Roundup

In July 2019 director of surgical services news, we saw several hospitals receive upgrades, a new ASC, and both good and bad news from pediatric hospitals.

Putnam Hospital Center Upgrades Operating Room

Putnam Hospital Center in Carmel, New York, brought a new member to their operating team: a da Vinci Xi robot. This new equipment is more advanced than the previous model they purchased in 2012. It will provide the surgical department better range of motion and better visuals, as well as allow them to do more types of surgeries.

Currently, the facility performs minimally invasive general, urologic, colorectal, and gynecologic surgeries. However, this new robot will be used for bariatric and thoracic surgeries as well. The hospital is happy to improve patient outcomes with this technology. Robotic surgery has shown less scarring, shorter hospital stays, and reduced recovery times compared to non-robotic procedures.

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Northwest Surgical Hospital’s Fun New Program Eases Pediatric Patients’ Anxiety

Northwest Surgical Hospital in Amarillo, Texas, started a new program to bring a little bit of fun to the not-so-fun experience of getting surgery. To ease the fear of going into surgery, the hospital now offers electric cars for children to drive themselves to the surgery room.

The cars, donated by Chauncey’s automotive, offer a bit of control to a scary situation. Parents no longer need to witness their crying children being wheeled away, instead they can watch them happily drive themselves to the OR.

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Lawrence General Hospital Extends Surgical Services

Lawrence General Hospital in Lawrence, Massachusetts, began a partnership with Andover Surgical Associates, located in Andover, Massachusetts. The hospital found that the community had a need for more availability of surgical services, and it made sense to team up with a local ASC team to bring more care.

The staff of Andover Surgical Associates moved into Specialty Clinics, the hospital’s Andover location. In addition, the hospital provided the surgical team with a brand new, upgraded operating suite. Also joining the original staff will be two new surgeons.

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New Surgery Center Opening in Natick

Reliant Medical Group and Shields Health Care Group are coming together to open a new surgery center in Natick, Massachusetts. The facility plans to open next spring. This three-OR facility is the third partnership between these groups.

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Study Projects AI and VR Common in ORs in Four Years

A study performed by Frost and Sullivan examined future trends in OR technology and “smart” ORs. They predict that within the next four years, 35-45% of ORs will use artificial intelligence and virtual reality. By 2030, ORs will decentralize, using a “hub and spoke model,” according to a Frost & Sullivan analyst.

A form of these technologies currently in use is using imaging in minimally invasive surgery. This technology purports to only improve as time passes. Recently, Royal Philips and Microsoft teamed up to invent a holographic system for these types of surgery. Additionally, they created an augemented reality system using 3D x-ray images and optical images.

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Northern Light Blue Hill Hospital Ceases Surgical Services

Northern Light Blue Hill Hospital, a critical access facility in Blue Hill, Maine, plans to cease all surgical services. This is the second blow to the Blue Hill community. In 2011, they closed the obstetrics department.

The president of the hospital, John Ronan, stated multiple reasons for this closure. While many might assume financial problems to be the only reason, he also listed efficiency, sustainability, and accessibility for patients. There is another hospital in the Northern Light system, Maine Coast, located 30 minutes away. Northern Light Maine Coast Hospital has two operating rooms.

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Madison Hospital Upgrades to Anti-Microbial Operating Rooms

Recently, Madison Hospital in Madison, Alabama completed a $2.5 million upgrade to their two operating suites. The facility installed walls using a new anti-microbial technology.

Keeping an operating room as sterile as possible is of utmost importance. The new walls lower infection rates and are less toxic than other types of anti-microbials, such as chlorine or ammonia.

The rennovation also included updating the rest of the equipment to ensure the best surgical outcomes.

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Seattle Children’s Hospital Patient Dies From Mold-Related Infection

Seattle Children’s Hospital in Seattle, Washington experienced a preventable tragedy – a patient died as a result of Aspergillus mold making its way into the OR. The hospital closed the four affected operating rooms immediately after discovering the cause.

Normally, aspergillus mold is harmless – people breathe it in daily, inside and outside. However, patients with weakened immune systems are susceptible to severe infections, called Aspergillosis, from the mold particles.

The hospital informed the press that inadequate air handling and purfication systems are to blame. Moreover, they acknowledge that the problem existed off and on for the last year.

Currently, the hospital is working to get the situation remedied, but does not have a set time frame for how long that will take.

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A.O. Fox Hospital Charity Golf Tournament Raised $50,000 for Surgical Services

The A.O. Fox Hospital Foundation in Oneonta, New York, held their 20th Anuual Golf Classic at the Oneonta Country Club last month. Through the efforts of 27 donors and 140 golfers, they raised $50,000 for the surgical services department!

The department used the funds to purchase a much-needed new ultrasound machine. The hospital holds much gratitude for the community coming together each year to help improve their facility.

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to Joe Ornelas, the new director of perioperative services at Lake Regional Health System in Osage Beach, Missouri.