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June 2019 Director of Surgical Services News Roundup, Part 2

June 28, 2019


June 2019 Director of Surgical Services News Roundup, Part 2

In the second half of the month, we saw funds raised, important issues discussed, and new surgery centers opened. Read on to see the second part of June 2019 director of surgical services news.

Richmond University Medical Center in Staten Island Receives Surgical Services Funding

Richmond University Medical Center (RUMC) in Staten Island, New York, secured $8.4 million in funding from the Staten Island City Council. As the surrounding area grows, the hospital expects to see an increase in the number of patients.

RUMC is a private, non-profit hospital that relies on outside funding to survive. Thankfully, this grant brings hope to the hospital – specifically, the surgical services department. The facility plans to not only rennovate the existing OR suites, but also add ten new ones. Additionally, the hospital will purchase more technologically advanced equipment to ensure the highest quality care for the residents of Staten Island.

Original story can be found here.

Cedars-Sinai Perioperative Executive Educates Public on Non-Opioid Pain Management

James Grant, MD, MBA, a perioperative services executive at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles, California, wants to prevent more patients from falling victim to the opioid epidemic. He urges doctors and patients to use safer alternatives to the hardcore pain medication to prevent addiction or overdose.

Nationwide, there has been a five-fold increase in the number of deaths due to prescription opioids since 1999. One point that Grant wants to drive home is that there will be some pain and discomfort after surgery, but it will subside progressively

Grant’s suggestions include using NSAIDs as an alternative medication, injecting a surgical nerve block when possible, getting out of bed as soon as you feel able, even just to walk a few steps, relying on supportive caregivers, and using practices such as meditation, reiki, yoga, and exercise.

Original story can be found here.

Manchester VA Medical Center ASC in Development

Manchester, New Hampshire’s VA Medical Center developed plans for a new ASC in 2017. Now, the plans are coming to fruition as a part of the VA New England VISN 2025 Task Force recommendations.

The team behind the surgery center announced one of the final key components of the facility: the chief of surgical services. Dr. Robert Zwolak accepted the nomination to lead the surgical team.

Original story can be found here.

Maury Regional Medical Center Opening Plastic Surgery Center

People in the Spring Hill, Tennessee area looking for plastic surgery services have a new option starting July 9. The Maury Regional Medical Group revealed that a new practice is in the works.

Dr. Matthew Endara, the lead surgeon, offers a wide range of cosmetic services including body contouring, reconstructions, and more.

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Berkshire Medical Center Wins Patient Safety Award

Berkshire Medical Center in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, received the Healthgrades 2019 Patient Safety Excellence Award for the third year running. This distinction rewards hospitals for performing well in 14 different safety measures.

The hospital’s consistent high marks puts them in the top five percent of short-term acute hospitals in the nation. Patients treated in a top hospital experience much less accidental injury during care, less bed sores or pressure sores, and less blood infections.

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Van Wert Hospital Brings Community Into Facility Expansion

Van Wert Health in Van Wert, Ohio, came up with a creative way to involve the community in their latest construction project. They are inviting the public to sign a beam for the expansion. Citizens of the area can be proud to know a part of them is literally a part of the hospital.

Ellen Rager, the Director of Patient and Community Relations for Van Wert Health wants people to know this is a gift for the community. “We want them to be a part of the construction process,” she said.

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Surgical Treatment for Lower GI Bleeding

Currently, medical services admits most patients with lower GI bleeding issues upon arrival. However, about 20% of patients end up needing surgery. Many surgeons agree that sending patients directly to surgical services for evaluation by a surgeon is a better course of action, since such a high percentage of patients ultimately end up in surgery.

Montefiore Medical Center adopted this model in 2016 and the results are stellar. Patients received appropriate treatment quickly, had shorter stays, and required fewer transfusions.

Unfortunately, smaller facilities might struggle with this approach. It is resource-heavy and many hospitals might not have enough surgeons. Dr. Vance Smith, MD, MBA, from Montefiore sums it best: “Having people in place who can respond when needed is more important than having all patients go to the surgical service in a small hospital.”

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Brookings Hospital Fundraiser for Surgical Services

Brookings Hospital in Brookings, South Dakota, is holding their 10th annual sporting clays fundraiser. This year, the funds are going towards the purchase of new ENT surgical equipment.

Candance Johnson, OR Director for Brookings Hospital, looks forward to the new equipment. “The ENT surgical platform will increase sinus procedure accuracy and safety which will result in shorter recovery, less pain, and better outcomes for patients,” she said.

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Bowling Green Surgery Centers Opens

A brand new surgery center opened in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Greenview Surgery Center, a part of TriStar Greenview Health, features three operating suites and an endoscopy room.

The center will serve around 4,600 patients annually for a variety of procedures. The specialties include general surgery, gynecology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, orthopedics, and urology.

The Bowling Green area does not offer many surgical options for the community, so the addition of this center is of huge benefit to the people in the area. It is important for people to have convenient, comfortable access to surgery options.

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