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MedStar Surgery Center at Lafayette Hires New Director of Surgical Services

January 16, 2019


MedStar Surgery Center at Lafayette Hires New Director of Surgical Services

Whitman Partners placed Liz Derr as the Administrator at MedStar Surgery Center at Lafayette. The position, based in Washington, DC, oversees 300-350 cases a month. Previously, Ms. Derr worked at Suburban Outpatient Surgery Center in Bethesda, Maryland as the Nurse Administrator. In that position, she was responsible for all of the operations of the facility, including business and clinical aspects.

Ms. Derr has been working in the healthcare field for over 25 years. She has a diploma in nursing from The Union Memorial School of Nursing in Baltimore, Maryland. Additionally, she has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Towson State University, also in Baltimore. Ms. Derr is a strong leader, thanks to her years of experience across many facets of nursing, including pediatric, education, and OR.

Kent Van Vleet, Client Partner at Whitman Partners, led this search. In 2018, Kent was named a pacesetter for Whitman Partners. He brings experience to the organization from many different areas, including technology and healthcare.

About MedStar Surgery Center at Lafayette

MedStar Surgery Center at Lafayette, located in Washington, DC is a surgery center featuring four operating rooms and two procedure rooms. Their location and reputation brings them patients from nearly all of DC’s professional sports franchises. The freestanding center offers top surgical specialists in myriad fields, including GI, neuro, and orthopedic.

About Whitman Partners

Whitman Partners is a top placement resource for hospitals and surgery centers of all sizes throughout the United States. At any given time, Whitman Partners is actively working on 450+ directorship vacancies in surgical services. They also offer over 8000 director candidates organized by experience, education, and career plans.