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Ode to the Perioperative Nursing Team

May 6, 2021


Ode to the Perioperative Nursing Team

Who would have thought that one sad day, our surgical cases would all go away

For a terrible virus struck our great land, and forced on us a very dirty hand


Our community was suddenly gravely ill, forcing too many to be forever still

This deadly disease came on like the plague, how could the symptoms be so vague?


Hearts were breaking and tears overflowed, how scared we all were, nobody could know

So the surgery stopped but the care lived on, in the hearts and hands of everyone


From many departments we had to send, our Perioperative Team to lend a hand!


A flight of OR nurses for every shift, went to the ER, without a hitch

They had no clue what they were to do, there was no surgery (which is all they knew)

But the ED staff was keen to their whispers, and soon became mentors, like brothers & sisters


The PACU staff were snapped up quick, with all their knowledge of those truly sick

Joining a giant team in Intensive Care, our tough-as-nails nurses were frontline there


Same Day Surgery and PAT, I wonder what became of thee?

They scattered throughout the house per need, and learned every floor-nurse nursing deed


The Endo staff pitched in as well, and partnered with new clientele

Of those infusion patients who still had to come, for continued life, their IV’s must run


Our Surgical Techs, part of the nursing team, they filled the floors as PCT’s

And some went on to watch those sleeping, as AVASYS techs, for safe patient keeping


The EVS team was whisked away, for their talents were needed in a bigger way

They Donned and Doffed with each patient exposure, keeping staff safe as they cleaned all over


Our Secretaries then went into the mix, available always to help things get fixed

To ensure that the nursing staff had support, as things changed hourly on every report


And of course our great Central Sterile staff, stepped up to the plate to do ANY task

they helped with Materials and for any case, their talents and goodwill never going to waste


Our Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists, worked tirelessly giving all their gifts,

For they with their docs went every day, in response to all Codes without delay


Our OR Assistants paid the ultimate price, they lost their brother one dark night…

Forever Juan will be a part, of every Periop person’s heart.


Though this Surgical Team was oddly displaced, they all acted with such amazing grace

We are truly humbled for all they gave, all our HEROES – THEY NEVER CAVED!


Through this very scary time, there was never a patient left behind

It wasn’t their talents or schooling or smarts…it was truly ONLY an act of HEART…


We hear the Fight song continue to play, and know the Fight continues today

And though we will never forget the past, we are happy to be back in the OR at last.


To all of our PERIOPERATIVE HEROES, you are truly the BEST TEAM EVER!


Written by Teri Egitto, RN, BSN, MBA