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Preparing for a Video Interview

March 17, 2020


Preparing for a Video Interview

We are all familiar with the nervous energy that comes from preparing for an in-person interview, but it can feel even more nerve-racking when conducting an interview over video chat. Here are some helpful tips to help you feel prepared for your video interview.


Test Your Technology

• Please ensure that you have a strong WiFi connection in the area where you are located.
• Do a “test run” with a friend or family member to ensure your sound is working and your video is being shared correctly.
• Be aware, when you move – the image moves and may impact your sound quality.

Camera Position

• Whether you are using a webcam, laptop, tablet or phone position the camera in such a way that you can look directly into the camera. You do not want to be looking up or down during your interview.
• Frame yourself from the chest up. Think of it as a triangle.


• Make sure there is no clutter being seen in the video shot behind you.
• Ensure you are doing your interview in a quiet location.
• Make sure there won’t be other people walking behind you.
• You want to be the star of the interview; don’t allow yourself or your interviewer to become distracted.


• Do not sit with your back to a window, TV, or computer screen.
• Position a light behind your device – this will illuminate your face so the interviewer can see you clearly.


• Dress from top to bottom as you would for an in-person interview.
• Keep your color choice in mind – white and black doesn’t always look great on camera (blue, gray, charcoal, etc. tend to work better with people’s skin tones on camera).

Body Language

• Maintain eye contact by looking and speaking into the camera, not the screen.
• Avoid crossing your arms – can be seen as defensive and unreceptive.
• Avoid fidgeting – this can make it appear that you are not listening.
• Smile – this will help you make a good impression and help you talk with more energy.
• Sit forward in your chair – this will help you maintain good posture and make you appear more interested.

Before the Interview Begins

• Place your phone on silent.
• Write down 3-5 questions ahead of time you can ask when called upon.
• Confirm with your interviewer that they can hear and see you clearly.

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