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Publisher’s Note, April 2017

April 30, 2017


Publisher’s Note, April 2017

Josiah Whitman, Managing Partner, Whitman Partners

Spring is here! When winter is ending, transformations feel so fresh and hopeful. Perhaps we can use this time of renewal to recommit to a healthy habit or, ahem, update your resumé. Or for those truly committed to professional growth, we are thrilled to dedicate this issue to supporting the CSSM credential. This may be new to many of you because the CSSM certification program is just a few years old. Lets start here: the credentialing body, the Competency & Credentialing Institute (CCI), are the same people that you know for the CNOR credential. However, the CSSM credential is for perioperative managers who are interested in improving and validating their managerial knowledge and skills, advancing the performance of their surgical services department, and creating a culture of safety.

The benefits for us in search are obvious. When we have a difficult-to-fill position, we will look for the CSSM credential to demonstrate to our hiring executives that this Director of Surgical Services has the professional polish to get the job done. In competitive searches, the CSSM credential may separate you from another candidate or cut through the ambiguity of many stakeholders’ differing expectations of what is needed in a Director of Surgical Services.

We’re also excited to partner with CCI to bring Whitman Partners candidates an opportunity for free test prep for the CSSM exam. Check out the CSSM certification program and the review course promoted later in this issue. Let us know how it helps you and your department, and make this the spring that you take a big step forward.