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Tips for Excellent Resumes

January 3, 2017


Tips for Excellent Resumes

Put most recent experience first

Emphasize quantifiable accomplishments: “Grew case volume from 3,000 to 5,000 cases in 1 year,” “Responsible for 18 ORs and PACU,” “Improved turnaround times by 20%.”

Don’t use “I” statements. Save it for the cover letter

Emphasize service lines relevant to position

Use bullets & numbering. Avoid paragraphs describing job details or accomplishments

• Begin sentences & bullet points with ACTION VERBS (i.e. Developed, Created, Improved, etc.)

Degrees AND certification

Scope details

Don’t include irrelevant job history

Don’t include high school degree

One font (maybe two) and color

Illustrate construction and project management experience if applicable

Spell check

Have a head shot at the ready (not necessarily on the resumé but be prepared to provide)