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Transforming Surgical Services in 2020 with Ruth Diaz

April 29, 2020


Transforming Surgical Services in 2020 with Ruth Diaz

This show is supported and produced by Whitman Partners.

This is a narrative inquiry project designed to share frontline stories and wisdom from experienced peri-operative leaders engaged in the management of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our presenter is Dr. Margaret Below, she is an experienced Peri-operative Nurse Director, Mind-Body Medicine Practitioner, and creator of The Vital Self; a virtual healing space dedicated to holistic wellness coaching.

Dr. Below is joined by Ruth Diaz. Ruth is a nurse leader with decades of expertise in both financial logistics and hospital operations. She has clinical nursing knowledge in addition to her leadership nursing roles in long term care facilities and hospital settings. Ruth has also served as a perioperative business manager gaining expertise on the financial side of surgical services.